Submission of Security Reports

For the Left of the Dot Media Inc (Left) and RightMesh AG (RightMesh) security reporting program (also known as a bug bounty) please email with the following information:



Asset / Website:

Weakness type:

Information disclosure, user data exposed, DDOS potential, etc.

Severity: Critical, High, Medium, Low

(Please note that the RightMesh project and Left of the Dot Media Inc. reserve the right to upgrade or downgrade the severity of the issue submitted.)


Full description:

Please include any information required to demonstrate the issue and the potential impact. We would appreciate as much information as possible, such as:

  • What the issue is
  • Server / domain name / URL
  • Steps to reproduce (list of steps, screenshots, screen recording, depending on the complexity of the issue)
  • Impact
  • Additional tools or executables required

A Note about Bounties

Currently we have no set bounties. We reserve the right to determine reward amounts based on our internal evaluation of the issue severity. The bounty may be rewarded by Canadian or US dollars, and possibly ETH. For low severity issues, swag. For the latter we will ask you for an address to which we can send said swag.

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