Our Technology

RightMesh is the world’s first software-based, ad-hoc mobile mesh networking platform and protocol using blockchain technology and RMESH tokens to power growth.

Through the installation of mobile apps on phones, RightMesh, via its patented and patent-pending technology, provides a way for people to connect to critical services, information and one another, without needing the internet.

  • Uses the devices people already have, Android phones.
  • Will use Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Direct and other technologies inherent in phones.
  • Implements patent pending switching technology for routing and data integrity.
  • Mesh created is self-forming, self-monitoring, and self-healing.
  • Brings connectivity to the last mile or operates with no internet access.
  • Integrates Ethereum blockchain to provide unique identities for each node.
  • Incentivizes usage and growth with RMESH tokens.
RightMesh Technology

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